Field Module 2: Interaction Design


This module is for the second half of term, and mainly consists of Product Designers and Graphic Designers. It is led by Steve Gill, a product design lecturer and the main benefit of this module will help us consider how users will interact, communicate and interpret products and objects. For our outcome we have to produce a 200 second video that communicates our new interaction based design.


Today I began the Interaction Design project. Steve Gill gave us two options when considering the brief and they were:

Option 1: Produce a computer based artefact for animals

Option 2: Design a physicality-based human-computer interaction artifact and/or system with no screen

Originally I wanted to attempt the animal based project because I feel there would have been some potentially interesting project to follow. However the interaction would have to be thought through thoroughly and extensively. After to speaking to Steve Gill he showed me some intriguing examples, of various sculptures which have a surprising element of interaction. I felt that the design process involved was quite lateral.

Here are some of the examples:

Wooden Mirror –

Ferrofluid sculpture –

Waterfall Sculpture –

Interactive Bath –

I had TWO initial ideas. The first being a floorboard which emitted a glowing light around the objects on the floor. And the second idea  was to design a camera.

After having tutorials with my tutors I thought the best option was the camera as I could develop it further. I’ve had idea’s for it to be gesture based, or to take 360 degree panoramic photographs. I was also thinking of taking advantage of the fashions and developing a camera which only took selfies.

Here are some pages and sketches of my development.

This was my first 200 second video:

My final design:

IMG_4391 IMG_4392


Since the end of the Interaction Design module I have decided to redo this idea.

Currently redesigning camera for 2nd year show.


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